Visit the Fundy Shores & Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia

The Fundy Shores & Annapolis Valley area encompasses a large region along the upper northwestern shore of mainland Nova Scotia and is accessed along the Evangeline and Glooscap Trails.

With the powerful and majestic Bay of Fundy flowing along it’s coastline, the scenery is magnificent and the most western area – Digby Neck & Islands Scenic Drive is well known for whale watching. The town of Digby, where the vehicle ferry from New Brunswick enters is best known for it sweet, succulent scallops.

The Annapolis Valley area is a fertile farming area between the North & South Mountains most famous for it’s apple orchards, giant pumpkins, wineries and fresh produce. See the small village of Bear River built on stilts, visit the many National Historic Sites or spend some quality time exploring the beaches at low tide.

Twice daily the tides from the Bay of Fundy rush through the Minas Channel into the Minas Basin…this natural phenomena is bringing 14 billion tons of seawater along our shores, and as it fills the rivers…it creates the rare and unusual tidal bore.

Take an exciting river rafting adventure…an experience unique to North America!

The highest tides in the world have been recorded along this shoreline (an astounding 54ft. (16.5m) recorded at Burncoat Head) in the eastern region.

This eastern area along the Glooscap Trail, named for the legendary Mi’kmaq Glooscap; is also famous for it’s shipbuilding history (including the mysterious Mary Celeste), it’s fossils and semi-precious gems found along it’s shores.…


Snow Removal Contract Liabilities

Ice sculptures, ice tea, ice skating, sledding, etc. There are plenty of wonderful benefits of this solid form of water but with the pluses, comes the minuses. Ice can also be extremely dangerous, especially when it comes to the slippery frozen glaze that coats the ground in the winter. When you take on the hazardous job of snow removal Calgary, it is important to educate yourself on snow removal contract liabilities.

Snow removal contracting is one of the more expensive businesses to own. The combination of equipment, material, training, hiring employees, and marketing can be quite costly. By far, the most important part of owning a snow removal business is a good insurance policy.

People are seeking extremely large amounts of money for slips and falls in North America and you want to protect your interests in every possible way. Snow removal can be unpredictable and very hazardous. As the owner, you are liable for any injuries that may occur. Adopting an insurance plan that will protect you from momentary loss is vital to your business and sometimes, your personal assets.
Liability insurance is not a choice in this type of business, it’s an obligation. It is your obligation to not only have an insurance policy, but to have the best insurance policy available. If a claim is filed against your company and you don’t have insurance, you are responsible and will have to pay out of pocket. This can be avoided by having a good insurance policy.

According to the US Department of Labor, the average slip/fall injury has a rough cost of $28,000. This is an extreme financial strain on any business and the strain is more intense for a snow removal business. It’s very easy for one simple mistake to result in financial loss. Three small accidents at $28,000 a slip can top $84,000. That is not change you want to come out of your pocket.

Not only is it important to fully secure your snow removal company with a good insurance plan, it is also wise to have a prevention plan in place. When you have great liability insurance coverage, it can be easy to drop the ball. Consider every possible way to avoid any accidents and create a plan to avoid these accidents. Having the insurance is great, but you still want to take every step to avoid having to use it.

Though seasonal in most parts of the country, snow removal can be a rewarding business. With this reward comes the strain and stress of liability. Take the first step with your snow removal business and educate yourself on snow removal contract liabilities. A lot of hard work and long hours go into snow removal. All of this hard work will count for nothing if you have a claim filed against your uninsured company.…


Eco saviors

Our eco Buddhist community suggests the following easy but transforming measures to actively engage yourself in creating sustainable human and non-human environments for your family, friends, world and you.

1. Lighting.  If every household in places like Kitchener replaced just three 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, it would cut down so much on pollution it would be as if we were removing 3.5 million cars from the road.

2. Watch where you shop.  Big box stores (you know the ones, usually located in strip malls on the outskirts of towns where farm land used to be) move people away from town and city centers.  When towns and cities first formed, they usually had a central merchant area, so people would walk, take mass transit, or some other transportation, get to the center of town, park (if driving) and then spend the day walking from shop to shop before heading back home.

3. Recycle.  Sure, most of us do it to some degree.  When it’s convenient.  But there’s usually a lot more that we can recycle that we don’t.  Like cereal and cracker boxes, perhaps? Ask your local authorities about kitchener yard waste pickup schedule.

How about the number 4, 5, and 6 plastics?  While your curbside pick-up, if you have one, might not take it, there are other places that will.  Another alternative, though, is not to buy things that are overly packaged.

4. In the house.  Use the microwave oven when you can.  It cooks faster and uses less energy.  Turn the heat down in the winter and wear sweaters.  Keep the air conditioning at a minimum during the summer.  Seal your windows and doors against cold-weather drafts; have an energy audit done on your house if you can afford it, to see where your energy leaks out.  Have the furnaces cleaned each year and your air conditioner serviced.


5. Buy Local. One of the biggest expenses in so many of the products we buy is the cost of transportation.  Whatever the product, if it isn’t produced in your backyard, you’re paying extra for it.  This is especially true for food.  We buy lettuce from California when we live in Connecticut, apples from the north when we live in the south, and all of this has to be picked, packed, shipped and then distributed before we finally get to eat it.  Not only do we pay for the cost of the shipping (ie gasoline or diesel) and the packing, but they have to grow specific varieties that can survive the hardships of early picking and transportation, so we lose in numbers of varieties as well as in nutrition


Organize your files for a better business.

Life is faster than it ever was before.  We are all pushed to do more in less time.  It’s no wonder we often feel the effects of stress and exhaustion.  We want to help simplify your life.  We are Canada’s premier software application provider of creative and innovative event management software for the hospitality industry.

Even though today Microsoft Office software applications allow you to accomplish your basic needs, effectively organizing these applications is still a challenge for many.  Without a doubt, disorganization within your business has an enormous impact on your life.  It steals away your time, costs money and frays the nerves.  With over 5 years in the event management software business, at your convenience, in your place of business or over the internet through an on-line meeting to find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

In our many years experience we have seen, over and over again, how effective organization of your business can give back to those who work within it precious time, peace of mind and control.  Our goal is to make your business the precisely engineered machine it should be by introducing organization through our event automation software.  Your event operations will be transformed from disarray to order, every event detail in one system and easily accessible.  No more wasting time and unnecessary frustration.…

Woman's fingers  measuring  her belly fat

3 Quick Ways To Begin Burning Belly Fat Now

Hіgh speed video сlір technologies саn record the way a golfer’ѕ physique mоvеѕ іn minute depth. We саn research the pictures and discover a lot abоut the waу it works. It may sound super higher teсh аnd sсіentifiс, but the results оf biomeсhanісаl evaluation саn help you reduce yоur rating!

Thеrе аrе a great dеаl оf choices accessible on thе marketplace fоr quick excess weight loss, lіkе weight loss tablets, excess weight loss physical exerсіѕe plans, diet рlаn plans, diet supplements, and so on. but workouts аrе thе health iest аnd most ѕесurе wау to lose weight. Whilst other weight reduction options only assist уоu to shed excess weight, exercises, besides shedding calories, assist tо tоnе and shape up уоur physique and develop a powerful main. Othеr excess wеіght loss options mainly have somе side-results lіkе tablets can bе seriously dangerous to уоur health аnd іf diet ideas are nоt made correctly then theу skip on thе nutritional requirements. But workouts аre healthy аnd without anу aspect effects.

Thе primary purpose Bruсe Lее got the outcomes thаt he dіd from hіѕ workouts wаѕ simply because, he researched hоw thе physique labored, he knew what muscle teams to concentrate on and hоw to function them оut tо gеt thе maximum performance. The average individual is nоt training to reach thе degree оf fitness рerfeсtіon thаt Master Lеe did. It іѕ still sensible tо understand whу уоur operating оut, what уоur workout іs intended to achieve, and how іs doing a particular exercise a particular wаy going to benefit уоu.

Thе P90x workout method іѕ produced to gіvе уоu a brand nаmе new physique іn three mоnthѕ. You wіll discover 12 excellent muscle mаѕѕ expanding workouts wіth lengthy-lasting results. A superb aspect іѕ the fact thаt P90x јuѕt isn’t а cheаt аѕ well аѕ a frаud. Based on thе writer of thіѕ process all уоu hаvе tо do іѕ tо соmрly wіth thіѕ method аnd уоu may uncover results earlier than уоu expect. A fantastic offer of individuals speculate precisely why P90X іѕ so helpful. It’ѕ due to “musclе сonfuѕion” rule whісh might produce уоur outcomes bу exhіbiting new methods and actions. Probably thе mоѕt crucial thing іѕ reducing excess weight. Utilizing thе assist оf the process іt’ѕ truly possible.

I invested thе relaxation of that working daу researching pоѕtрartum melancholy on the Internet. I had fеlt – іn thе back agаin оf mу thoughts – fоr аt least а couple оf months that I was struggling from рostрartum melancholy, but I was aѕhаmеd. I dіdn’t want to admit tо anyone that I wasn’t in control – thаt I wаs flounderіng and flailіng іn dark water and I was abоut to gо dоwn for thе third tіme.

Nitrіс oxidе іѕ thе incredible supplement thаt successful bodybuіlderѕ are nоw using to gеt thе results thаt thеy want in much lеѕs timе. Why dоеs nitrіc оxіde work? It functions simply becausе іt allows уоu to work оut lengthier аnd at a higher intensity. As уоu know, thе higher уоur exercise intensity іs the more yоu muscles are able tо rір аnd get larger.…


Holiday Season Fire Safety

During the holiday season, it is very important to be aware of seasonal fire safety hazards that can compromise your holiday spirits – both at home and in the workplace. British Columbia Fire Commissioner Richard Dumala offers this advice to help prevent the holiday tragedies commonly associated with Christmas Trees and holiday decorations:”Most Christmas tree fires reported are from natural products, not artificial trees. It is important to remember that natural Christmas trees are not living, and it is essential that they be kept as moist as possible.

Place the base of the tree in water and re-cut the trunk of the tree at a 45 degree angle to increase water absorption”.The Fire Commissioner recommends the following guidelines to reduce the risk of a holiday fire in your home:

According to provincial statistics, the three main causes of fire in British Columbia are cooking related, heating equipment, and smoking. Commissioner Dumala stresses that these fire hazards do not take a holiday at Christmas time and encourages citizens across Canada to continue to take precautions against these common causes of fire year round.…


Make The Most of Your Home With Fabulous Lighting

How will you light up those dark corners? How will you highlight your favourite paintings? How will you see what you’re doing in the kitchen? Good lighting is essential if you’re to make the most of your interiors and it’s the first thing you should think about when doing up a room.

A good electrician has all sorts of lighting at his disposal to install in your home. Gone are the days when a single hanging pendant light was the only light source, with maybe a table lamp for reading and writing. Electricians now talk about ambient, feature and task lighting – and in one room you can have all three!

Ambient lighting is general lighting that provides brightness. In some rooms it’s useful to get your electrician to put this on a dimmer switch. For instance in living and dining rooms, where you may want to create the right ambience for romance or entertaining. It can also be really useful in bedrooms – particularly children’s bedrooms where you may want to check on kids in the middle of the night without startling them awake! And in the bathroom it can help create serenity after a stressful day – especially if accompanied by a candle or two.

Feature lighting highlights special features that you want people to notice. Maybe a special painting or an attractive piece of furniture. It can also look great on shelving or in alcoves where it will guide people towards interesting features.

Task lighting is very practical. It ensures you can properly see what you’re doing. For example cooking in the kitchen, reading a book in bed or applying make-up in front of a mirror. It provides strong light in a specific place and is essential for getting things done without straining your eyes.

Electricians can answer your lighting needs with several light sources. Downlighters are recessed into the ceiling or attached to the wall. If they are going to be recessed you will need to check that the cavity between the ceiling and the floor above is wide enough to accommodate the lighting fixture.  Downlighters can give narrow or wide beams of light, the latter being a good solution for general lighting.

Uplighters are attached to the wall and throw light up to the ceiling, which is then reflected back into the room. These lights can increase the feeling of space and height in a room, as long as the ceiling is white or very pale.

Wallwashers cast light up and down a wall, again reflecting the light into the room but also creating an attractive light feature on the wall, especially if the beams are narrow. They are particularly effective at highlighting interesting wall textures, for instance polished concrete or exposed brick.

Decorative lights can be a fantastic feature and work particularly well if paired with other lighting so that the decorative light does not have to do all the work of lighting an area. It can then be appreciated as a decoration rather than merely a light source.  These include pendant lights, chandeliers and attractive table lights.

Before your electrician installs the light fitting you’ve picked, its worth considering the type of bulb it takes. Low-voltage bulbs work particularly well as discreet feature lighting. Fluorescent bulbs produce even, flat light and are good for uplighters and wall washers. Clear tungsten bulbs with a bare filament will produce highly defined shadows whereas frosted bulbs provide softer, more diffuse light.

Also, discuss with him the controls. Apart from dimmers there are also controls which can include all the lights in a room on pre-set controls, programmed to different moods – very bright, very dimmed, some lights on and others off. This allows you to create the appropriate mood at the flick of just one switch rather than going round the room putting several lights on and off, which can be tedious.

Good lighting can transform a home. So make it a priority when you are redecorating – use it as the starting point and you can’t go wrong.…